About me

My Journey

In 2015 I got a pigeon chest so I began working out at home to fix my chest. That didn’t work and I was lost. In 2016 I came across videos about calisthenics. I quickly fell in love with the sport so I started learning as much as I can. I joined a local fitness club and after 7 years of consistent work, calisthenics has really changed my body and life.

Before calisthenics

Did you know I am third generation in my family to have a black belt in Taekwondo? Yes, that’s right! I started with taekwondo when I was 6! I had been training Taekwondo for 8 years! I quit Taekwondo to try calisthenics but after one year I got back to Taekwondo to prepare and get my black belt certificate while still training calisthenics!

Competition life

I am a competitive person and I started competing from a young age. I won numerous medals in taekwondo and after moving to calisthenics I won even more medals and trophies and participated in competitions In my country and abroad. In August of 2023 I participated in my first WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in Street Workout in Riga, Latvia. I went to the finals and ultimately won 5th place.



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