Achilles Advanced Program


Reach next level with my help! This program is designed for athletes who have experience but want to get stronger, move to weighted calisthenics or learn a new skill.

Workouts in the program get progressively harder as the weeks go by. Working time: 5 times a week.

What you will get:

  • 8 week PDF program with everything written what to do each day
  • Video for every exercise showing perfect technique
  • Wide range of exercises (180+ exercises)
  • Video for warming up and stretching

What you will achieve:

  • Increased strength and muscle mass
  • Increased explosiveness and endurance
  • Strong base for weighted calisthenics
  • Strong base for calisthenics skills
  • Improved Handstand


Requirements for the program:

  • 5-8 muscle ups
  • 15-20 pull ups
  • 25-35 dips
  • 35-45 push ups
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